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In coming trainings :
November 2022

- Chambéry

- Brive-La-Gaillarde 

Download the program here

Download the program here

Télécharger la plaquette ici


Technician training sessions are offered in rented rooms or hotels throughout France. Access will be studied on a case-by-case basis, for people with disabilities.

At the end of this intervention, the technicians in electroradiology, who already hold the diploma in electroradiology obtained in 3 years after the Baccalaureate and users of Siemens MRI, will have more advanced skills in the following areas:

• The why of a good centering of the region of interest in the magnet and of a SHIM

• Some advice on restraint, especially for the wrists


• How to adjust SEQUENCES in MRI

• Adapt all the sequence parameters according to the pathologies, their physiology and the morphology of the patients

• React in case of problems or artifacts present on the images


• Lots of tricks to decrease sequence times and improve IMAGE QUALITY

• Take up the theory of certain parameters that are difficult to adjust such as bandwidth, turbo factor, spatial resolution, flux compensation, etc.

• How to adapt the resolution of the acquired pixels of all the sequences and to choose the resolution of the pixels of the image.

• Finally, always provide radiologists with faithful images, which reflect reality because they engage their responsibility for the diagnosis they produce.


     For me, MRI is comparable to a FORMULA 1 that users must set up and drive on any type of circuit (all regions of interest for all patients), in all weathers (all pathologies).

Registration fees: €750.00 including tax / pers.


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