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Since September 2001, the date of its creation, Médicale & Solutions has offered training services on site and in hotels, in Magnetic Resonance Imaging.


My experience in the field of training began in 1989 in Paraguay, as part of the start-up of a hospital for two years. It then confirmed itself in MRI on behalf of SIEMENS, in Engineering in application until 2001. Thus, more than 450 people were able to benefit from my lessons in MRI.


To date, Médicale & Solutions has trained 4,814 Technicians, Doctors, Stretcher Bearers, Cleaners, Physicians, Sales Representatives, Biomedical Engineers and Secretaries.


The results for 2021 are very satisfactory, as more than 185 trainees were trained for this year and the bar of 4,000 people trained was crossed. Today, the installed base of MRIs is significant, and Médicale & Solutions has been able to offer tailor-made training to adapt to the needs of each and allow everyone a good start in MRI. I continue to optimize all of my lessons by always integrating the latest innovations.

  • D.U.T Physical Measurements - I.U.T. of Saint Denis 

Instrumental Techniques Option

Medical Engineering and Instrumentation

  • Master of Science and Technology - Faculty of Créteil / Paris Val de Marne

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